1822 North Capitol St NW,
Washington, DC 20002

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We are a group of activists, educators, and workers with a shared goal of establishing Bol; a worker-owned café, bookstore, and event space based on the ideals of racial justice and economic democracy in Washington, DC.

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“Bol” by Faiz Ahmed Faiz (1911-1984)

"Bol"! Speak!
Your words are free.
Speak up!
Your tongue is still your own.
Your body remains yours
ramrod, upright.
Speak out!
Your life is still your own.

How in Blacksmith’s forge
flames soar;
iron glows red.
How the locks
have opened yaws
and every chain,
unlinked, now spreads.

The short time left to you
is enough. Speak up,
before the body
and its tongue give out.
Speak out,
for truth still survives.
Speak out!